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Savella - Has anyone had difficulties obtaining insurance coverage?

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Inactive 5 Mar 2012

Hello alroth2. There is a Patient Assistance Program for people who have no insurance. Forest Pharmaciticals 1-800-851-0758. Best regards,pledge

acl1322 5 Mar 2012

I have been prescribed Savella for Fibromyalgia. It was either very expensive even with my ins plan or they too wouldn't cover it(brain fog, I can't remember) but you have a couple of options. First, ask your Dr. for samples. My neurologists office gets tons of the 30 day starter kits from the pharmaceutical reps. Second option, your doctor should have coupon cards for free 30 day trial packs and you do need a rx stating specifically that from the prescribing doc. Thirdly, if all else fails find out why the ins won't cover and then have your doctor call the ins and get an authorization for that rx to be covered. Your doctor will have to explain why he/she is requesting that rx and not other treatment medications the doc will have to disclose other treatments that have failed and led to the absolute need for Savella. Don't take no for an answer, one of the above will get you the medicine for your health needs.I hope you get a chance to find out if it helps you. Good luck!

Shellica 11 Mar 2012

My insurance tried to give me the run around with my Savella, but I have "Glucoma" & can't find anything else, all the others mess with Ur sight... So they did a over ride, a few of my other meds have only been approved cuz others don't work... gotta jump through their hoops...

Inactive 12 Mar 2012

Hi Shellica, glad to see you are still around. how are you doin? mindy free discount card

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