My MD prescribed me a trial pack of Savella for possible Fibro, but it didn't help, I really think it was a placebo, is there a way to find out if it was? I took up to 19 days of the Savella, then went to see a Neurologist. Under current study and treatment for nerve pain. The Neuro Dr. said to stop the Savella and just start taking the Lyrica. He didn't say I had to wean off the Savella. The Neuro seems pretty bright. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm thinking I wasn't on the Savella long enough for it to be harmful to stop abrubtly. The Neuro said he is most surely I don't have Fibro but is looking at periferal neuropathy. I have a nerve test scheduled on Sept. 8th, I'm scared, as I don't have a very high pain threshold. Also, is a nerve test real painful? I kind of want to know what I'm in store for. Thanks for any information.