In the same day, 5 mg Saphris will cause me to sleep in the morning, then 8 hrs later I take another 5mg and another 8 I take 5mg. The afternoon and night doses seem to make me feel good, my mood is great and my body has energy, I am alert. I can tell when it is time to take my dose each time because I start feeling really sick, irritable, headache, super fatigued yet cannot sleep/my body hurts. As soon as that pill dissolves I can feel the difference and either it is good or I fall asleep.

I have taken it for years but I used to have a different doctor who prescribed too much 20mg and all I could do was sleep, I thought I had Fibromyalgia I was in pain and so fatigued all the time. I told my new doc that I insisted on lowering the dosage and I began to feel better. But how do I help my doctor figure out how to help me sleep normally and feel good during the day?

Or is it just not the right drug?