I now have a new Dr. She has me on Geodon and Lithium, and other meds. She just started me on Saphris Friday, 5mg at night, and to take the Geodon 80mg now only in the morning, and in a week increase my Nortriptyline to 75mg. All I know is I feel sick as a dog. Thought it was the nortriptyline as I inadvertantly took more than double of it for 4 or 5 days. The Saphris, I have never heard of, was in hopes to get me off both Geodon and Lithium. Partly because of the weight gain I have had when the meds were restarted. I lost my job, insurance, and was on a med holiday as a result. What the heck is this drug anyway... I have never heard of it? It does numb my tounge. Increased saliva. But the nausea, dyspepsia, dizzyness, weakness, tiredness, somnolence is about to make me want to throw every medication I own down the toilet. I'm in a position of having to be med compliant d/t legal matters from my last hospitalization so the father is trying for full custody. I guess I'm rambling a bit here. I think meds are poison and I don't understand this Saphris, and I don't want to take this crap no more. 'nough said. thanks for listening. Stephanas