my husband died on august 2nd we were together for 30 years my doctor gave me venlafaxine i asked him for something so i would be able to work i dont have insurance so i needed a cheep drug i started taking it he said i would be able to get help from the drug companies but i make 300 dollors a year to much but now im on this stuff and i cant afford it i have to get off it now or stop eating i cant afford both i started at 200mg a day i started takeing my self off of it on the first of this month as slow as i could afford i stopped taking it thursday i am having a bad time of it im having this wooshing sound in my ears and i feel like im going to pass out im starting to cry so hard i cant stop i missed half a days work on friday because i couldnt stop crying my whole body hurts im so dizzy i cant walk very far before i have to stop and get my bearings i asked my doctor for something to help me through this and they told me to put a wet rag on my head and stay down yea right i have to work i cant take any pain meds and they know that im alergec to all of them im worse off now than i was when he died why would any doctor do this to a human being i cant afford to get off slower im a mess and all i wanted was help coping with my husbands death.i dont know what to do.