28 yr old women beginning * tri LO Estrayalla* BC for adult acne & in hopes regulate a hormone imbalance during PMS. Want to know anyone's Recent experience in taking this in 2016? Please share if you have tried this. It seems people had a more positive experience with the Sandoz generic brand currently,as opposed to past years? Really nervous/skeptical to begin this as I don't like additional medications and treatments that have bad side effects if it doesn't agree with my body. I know everybody's different but I haven't seen many reviews except for the tri Lo brand name which is $221 out of pocket at my Pharmacy & i paid for the "LO" ESTRAYALLA Brand and paid $24.85 using a goodrx coupon. I am 28 Physically Active exercise enthusiasts who go to the doctor and always very healthy. Not to worry about weight gain as obviously that's a lifestyle change for some people and of course makes you plump up a little bit but mine's more for well-being and my acne just want to know if I'm going to definitely puking at depression or what it seems to be very common