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Is there samples at most pain management centers?

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Stephen Treloar 23 Sep 2014

No there are not. Pain management units usually put you on a double blind pain relief exercise/trial/test to find which pain medication works for you first. Depending on which medication was most effective (they will not show you the results until completion of the double blind test) they will trial you on a short course of medication to see how it is working out for you. Or, alternatively, tell you to take some Acetaminophen if you failed the test.

Free samples? Never any hope of that ever happening. Sorry but every drug addict and his dog would be gaming a system like that if anyone was silly enough to implement it..

balbanese 23 Sep 2014

You'll be lucky to a prescription regardless of your condition.

kaismama 23 Sep 2014

lolololol... good one, and so true

balbanese 23 Sep 2014

:) Sad, but true. I guess all we can do is laugh (or scream, or cry). Best! It's a pleasure co-posting with you.

kaismama 23 Sep 2014

Its either laugh or cry, and laughing feels better.

DzooBaby 23 Sep 2014

No, most pain centers dont have samples of opioids, if that is what you are asking. If they do, they are locked up tightly in a safe. Why would you want to know? If you are having trouble paying for medications, ask your Dr about it. There are many patient assistance and copay assistance programs available. free discount card

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