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When to take Sammy? and how this relief in knee pain?

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Inactive 27 Dec 2012

Hello engrsanjeev. I am not familiar with the term "Sammy". Is it a drug/medication in pill or tonic form? Regards pledge

kaismama 27 Dec 2012

If you're referring to Sam-E, I've never heard of taking it for pain.

Lisa01 27 Dec 2012

I believe you're talking about the supplement SAMe, which is a substance naturally found in the body. It is believed that people who do not make enough of this naturally may benefit from taking the supplement. It has been found to help those suffering from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, however it can take up to a month to feel the benefits in regards to the OA. I'm not sure about the fibro.
The recommended dose for OA is 200 mg a day. It has not been found to be particularly effective when used for joint pain due to bursitis or tendonitis. Since you didn't say what the cause of your knee pain is, I'm not certain whether you will benefit from it or not.
When preparing to take any supplement, it's always wise to check with your Dr if you take other medications as there could be adverse reactions with mixing medications and supplements.
I hope this helps you and you are able to find the relief you're seeking.
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