My aunt was diagnosed with stomage cancer in March and had a total gastrectomy in June. Following the surgery she was in constant pain so they continued to give her Oxicodine and then perscribed her Ambien so that she could sleep at night. A couple weeks later they took her off of the Oxicodine and gave her Vicodin pills instead while still on Ambien. After a month or so of taking Vicodin she had to stop taking it because she began to have a burning sensation everytime she swollowed it traveling from her throat to her stomage, or I guess I should say her intestines. Now she's on the Fental patch and a generic version of Ambein, but now her stomage pains are increasing. I know that she had a total gastrectomy not too long ago and that its still healing, but I know something is up. She also has mood swings, paranoia, anxiety, soreness and is sometimes, more than not, depressed. But the worst thing is that her taste buds have, in a sense, gone to saltly hell. Ever since she's been on the Fental patch, her saliva constantly tastes like a pool of salt, and candy and sweets help, but a side effect of a gastrectomy is that her body isn't able tolterate sweets or sugar in general, which often leads to her dumping syndromes. Ambien helps her sleep but I've been reading that her mood swings could be a side effect from it, the Fental patch helps her a great deal with her pains, but now its seems to be giving her pain, along with cold sweats, nausea, and tiredness. Can someone please tell me what to do to so that I can help her first and formost help her get rid of her constant salty saliva?