I take a sleep medicine that's like 100% salt water. I take the highest dosage and it dries my mouth out. it dried out my Salvatory glands so I don't have saliva at all. I've tried chewing gum and that worked for a while but now it causes my teeth to hurt. I tried a lot of biotene for a while and it worked. but now it's not working. is there anything like biotene that I can use to relieve my dry mouth all day??? if so can I use it as much as I need to??? can it produce saliva without using the product very often?? and would it be ok to carry it around with me during the day??? would I still have to chew gum if it works??? if it helps me have saliva with out chewing gum id love to try it. I would really appreciate answers so I'm not stuck suffering with this forever. sorry for asking a lot of questions. but I'd appreciate the help.