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Why do I have saliva blocking my throat while sleeping?

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Delila 15 Jul 2013

Hi, it is difficult to answer this without knowing more about you/your situation... Do you take any medications, have any illness/diagnosis, allergies, etc?? Please add more detail to your question so we can try to help you

endlessPred 15 Jul 2013

The quick answer is that you do not have your throat being blocked. All night long we produce a bit of saliva. If you are talking about congestion, that needs to be seen by a doctor. Generally if we get something in our throat we cough whether asleep or not. If you are waking up coughing it is to clear your throat and lungs. If your throat were blocked, you could not breathe. If you could not breathe...

Please see a doctor and have the doc answer your question in depth. If you feel there is a lump or something it should be checked right away. Good luck with this. free discount card

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