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What is the safest way to ween off of seraquel?

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masso 10 Oct 2015

Stop taking it gradually under medical supervision.

WildcatVet 10 Oct 2015

Hi, Kennadi! Only your physician can give you the formula that's best for you to taper down.
Best wishes, WCV

FrankieZeGirl 10 Oct 2015

I was on 200mg of seroquel, nightly, for about 3 years. I started weening myself off (with the supervision of my psych doctor) 25mg at a time. I would drop 25mg every 2 weeks. I'm still taking 25mg for anxiety, as needed, and occasionally taking it at night. But my Dr also put me on effexor for the mornings and clonidine at night, since my issue was no longer something that required antipsychotics. (They changed my diagnosis from borderline personality disorder to social phobia and PTSD). The seroquel was helpful for the first couple of years, but depression was my main underlying problem. Always discuss with your doctor what the best course of action is. Best of luck to you.

Delila 12 Oct 2015

Hi, the way FrankyZ tapered from Seroquel is a very good method. It's not something that should be rushed, you must take it slow. I must point out that the decision to discontinue the medication must be discussed with your psychiatrist and the tapering method agreed on... free discount card

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