I was first diagnosed with BP in 1996 aged 40 and took Lithium for 10 years which destroyed my thyroid gland. I now take a daily dose of 150mcg Levothyroxin. I changed to Lamotrigine in 2006 and continued with this until a manic episode occurred in October 2010. I was initially prescribed 600mg of Seroquel which was reduced to 400mg. I have been taking this dose ever since. I have completed a non-drug therapy called Psych-K popularised by Dr Bruce Lipton, a US-based cell biologist and now wish to stop taking Seroquel.
I have informed my psychiatrist of my wish but he is, very predicably, sceptical. I need a schedule which will enable me to wean myself, safely and over time, off Seroquel. Your help would be much appreciated.