I was prescribed Trazodone (75mg) last week for insomnia, replacing the Doxepin that I was taking before which wasn't working. I also take SSRIs for anxiety (Buspirone, bupropion), and blood pressure medication (Atenolol). As soon as I started taking Trazodone I started having even more trouble sleeping.

The first night I had a deep sleep but awoke often during the night and felt incredibly groggy for the entire next day. The second night--last night--I barely slept at all. I tried to go to bed around midnight, but was up until after 6am.

Because I'm a delivery driver, it's not safe for me to be working while sleep deprived to such a harsh degree. I could barely function at work the first day, and had to call in sick to work today because I would have been driving on less than 3 hours of sleep. I realize it may take time to adjust to Trazodone, but I CANNOT afford to miss any more days of work. If the adjustment period is this harsh for more than a couple days, I will be in serious financial trouble.

I can't speak to my prescribing doctor until tomorrow, but I need to be able to work tomorrow. Since I've only taken Trazodone twice, am I safe to switch back to my previous medication for at least one night to avoid having another sleepless night and missing work again? Or are those two days enough to make the problem worse if I stop taking it? What should I do to make sure I can sleep better at least for tonight since I can't ask my doctor for advice until tomorrow?