I hade breast cancer in 2000 after going on hormone replacement for hot flashes. I am estrogen positive so can't use many meds. I also have hyperthyroidism. It seems if insomnia and hot flashes are a side effect of meds I take that is the side effect I get. This has been going on for 15 years with insomnia being the worse. The hot flashes at night really interrupt a god night sleep. I recently had my dosage of levothyroxine increased from 75 to 100 mcg which caused manyroblems for me. My matabolisim was going crazy the hot flashes were very intense and I could not sleep. I was taking unison and melatonin just to sle for a few hours. The dr put me back down to 75mcg last week. He gave me zolpidem for sleep but after a week had to go off because the side effects were extreme. I am so tired of the hot flashes and insomnia. Can you help me.