uncontrollable bleeding and unregaler prireds and have tipe 2 diabetittys and high blood presher and is it safe to take 3pill aday every day and had uteres cancer few years ago lot of health prombles i was advised to take yasmin by 3 dinffernt drs to take 3pills aday .i also have herpes and othere health issuse .im on mps clorazapam 2.5mg this drug has caused dizzyness and sweats and feeling sick and ive been passing out as well as bleeding from my but (ass).so ive had test don utersound s and blood work but theye say keep takeing it im scared and my health is getting wers i need help .im passing blood cloths size of toonys .for last two months now.im 33 years old dont smoke have tubs tiyed .should i stope takeing this yasmin ?