When I was 16 I went for a lapproscopy and discovered that I have re occurring cysts forming in my ovaries. They removed a 5cm cyst at this time.
When I turned 18 I went for another lapproscopy and they discovered I have endometriosis in which they burnt majority of spots.
My doctor recommended I use alesse back to back to eliminate my period and regulate my pain. It worked until my prescription ended. Unable to consult with my gyno again due to his passing I never did a follow up until my pain started to worsen again.
My GP recommended that I use Alesse normally to regulate my time of the month as well as the pain and did an ultrasound and found 2 cysts one 2cm and one 3cm large in my right ovary. I was recommended to another gyno and they recommended I start taking visanne to help with my endometriosis.
Is it safe to take both my Alesse and the visanne as means to regulate my irragular period as well as fight my endometriosis.
Thank you.