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Is it safe to take Tylenol arthritis OTC with 25mg Zoloft?

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masso 16 Sep 2017

Interactions between your selected drugs
No results found - however, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

Other drugs and diseases that your selected drugs interact with
Tylenol Arthritis Pain (acetaminophen) interacts with more than 80 other drugs and 3 diseases.
Zoloft (sertraline) interacts with more than 500 other drugs and 10 diseases.

chuck1957 16 Sep 2017

Gail54; Yes this combination is okay to take together Just remember this Tylenol is timed release so follow the directions on the bottle close. look at the Tylenol total mg and make sure you do not take more than 3000 mg in a 24 hour period this is a change from a few months ago. And if you need that much you should be checking with the doctor for something more effective. Have a good weekend.

Gail54 16 Sep 2017

I had emailed my doctor Friday afternoon, no reply. I have arthritis in my back & it recently started acting up. So I Thank you very much. It is a 650 mg dose. The Zoloft is new 25 mg a day. I have been on Ativan 2 mg per day for 10 years, been having break through anxiety, so doctor suggested the Zoloft & is cutting back the Ativan until I am weaned off. This was a website was a great find. Much appreciated. Have a great one yourself.

prettywoman513 10 Oct 2017

Yes it is. I have been on Zoloft for years. I have taken several kinds of otc pain meds, including Tylenol Arthritis. free discount card

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