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Is it safe to take St John's Wort in addition to .75 daily mg of Clonazepam?

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Lorelle59 18 Nov 2013

I see no reason why not . St. John's wart is an herbal remedy said to have a mild affect similar to Prozac . .75 Mg of clonazapam (klonopin ) is a very low dose. Most patients take a low dose of 5 mg... Which is almost 8 times more than .75 mg . My math might be off a bit but you get the point. If you are concerned about the St. John wart there is always the tea you can drink to easily adjust it to your comfort level. Good luck !

Dumpster Diver 19 Nov 2013

IMO, 5 mg is not a low dose of clonazapam. Certainly most patients do not
take this amount. Perhaps you made a typo? Some do, not most.

Lorelle59 19 Nov 2013

Typo it is!!! .75 mg is a low dose. 5mg is what I take. Thanks for the heads up :) free discount card

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