I have been on Doxycycline for the past 4 years without having to switch antibiotics. Have been having to stay on them for the past 17 years due to a neurogenic bladder ( had severe nerve damage so bladder doent work). Anyway, the last time I did take Bactrim, I didnt have a fatty liver, but after what I saw on here I dont know if I should take it. Im not sure my Urologist remembered about my fatty liver seeing I found this out from a different doctor all together. But my condition seems to be getting a little worse? I mean my kidneys have been hurting me but not really really bad, I am a 54 yr old guy just thought that might be important to know. But anyway kinda feels like im starting to have a slight fever and my darn ears have been ringing for days. I have been having this problem since around the 1st week of Jan. And I know I should have ccntacted my Urologist back sooner, but 1)I had to go out of town, wwhen I got back it seemed like it was starting to get better ( I am still taking my Doxycycline ) then another week passes then its the weekend again. 2 ) A week ago Mon. 1/26/15 I had to see my primary doctor, so I bring it up to Her about my prob. The puss being seen just before having to catherize myself and the pain in my kidneys, so I ask her "Do you think I should go back to see my Urologist? " She says NO NO that SHE would take care of it. Well she gets me to give a urine sample and tells me to call them Thusday to check on the results of a culture. Well, ofcourse you can Never speak to a Dr. On the phone, so her nurse just tells me that the resutls were neg. And ofcourse the doctor had already left for the day so when I ask the nurse like Neg. For What? OFCOURSE she dont know, I ask well did she switch my antibiotic, she says NOAnd she wont be in the next day FRI. !!! SO now I have to sit around all weekend worried, because of the warning on this site about taking Bactrim w/having a fatty liver, I was just wondering if anyone out there has taken it with my same condition. I would greatly appreciate a response, Thak You