I've been taking 25 mg Atenolol twice daily for about 3 years and for the past week every night my pulse has been dropping to 40-45 every night ive also been having chest and arm pain one of the days it was pretty painful at the wrist and elbow area I've had multiple X-rays taken an EKG and everyone keeps telling me I'm fine I was freezing this morning and recorded my temp at exactly 96 degrees I had to wear a jacket outside In Florida and pants with it being 83 outside I'm just tired of being up all night every night feeling like I'm going to pass out barely able to breathe I've been cutting my dose down 25% past 2 days and i haven't noticed any difference my primary care doctor recommended I just not take my evening dose but anytime I've so much as missed that the chest pain I get is ridiculous I've always had extremely bad anxiety I'm diagnosed with GAD my doctor was going to place me on clonazepam for the anxiety I've been getting since I used to be on that for it but she wouldn't prescribe it because my heart rate was 57 she didn't even believe that my heart rate was getting to 40 on the dot as consistently as I told her and told me to bring my at home machine in to next months appointment and I currently am on nothing for anxiety because I missed my mental health appointment after being up the entire night between chest pain and and arm pain and feeling like I'm going to pass out at any moment whenever I so much as don't breathe as deeply as possible and lay fully flat i get a shaky fluttering gurgling noise the entire night from my heart and I've been having panic attacks every night over the way I've been feeling I don't know what to do at this point I feel like I'm very concern of mine has been ignored and I've just been told everything's came back clear over and over again and that I'm fine so the only cause I can think of is the atenolol it's just so weird that I'm getting This now after being on it with no issues for 3 years I'm just worried because if I'm getting to 40 bpm when scared over the way I'm feeling I feel completely out of options and the only thing more dangerous than taking the medicine is not taking it at this point the hospital isn't going to do anything for me and all my primary care doctor will do is tell me to miss a dose I'm just so tired of feeling this way I feel as if I'm 100% screwed and I just need to accept it... I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure as a 246 lb 22 year old man I shouldn't be be hitting 40 bpm I'm honestly scared to buy a heart rate monitor to find out what it's getting to I my sleep I can't even find anyone who's had a similar issue so I'm making this post as a last resort... sorry about the giant wall of text