I had to start a new cycle of tri sprintec birth control after messing up my last cycle by taking Amoxicillin along with it. I stopped taking Amoxicillin and the Sunday after my period I started a new cycle of tri sprintec. that same morning I had unprotected sex. I panicked afterwards, since I wasn't safe.

I took another tri sprintec pill that day. the last active pill from week 3. (I later realized that this was a bad idea for a couple reasons. also I guess the doses might be different strengths).

The next morning I was too tired of worrying about it so I purchased and took an emergency birth control pill. I know I should be safe from getting pregnant now.

what I'd like to know now is how do I fix my cycle? when can I be confident that the pills will work the way they're supposed to? when am I safe from pregnancy?