I took birth control for over 2 years and recently stopped for 3 weeks. We had sex on Fri Jan 2nd, he used a condom, pulled out and came inside it, he went to the bathroom and cleaned up, he ended up using the second condom and did the same as the first time. He cleaned up very good. On the last time he didn't have any left so we had unprotected and when he pulled out, I gave him oral for 5 minutes before he came in my mouth.
On Saturday and Sunday I had some stomach noises and I figured it was swallowing his sperm, so I took pepto bismol.
On Sunday, I took BOTH Plan B pills, and only had fatigue and a small headache. I had one cramp that lasted maybe 2 minutes on Tuesday. And some stomach pains aswell, as its normal says the package. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, my stomach has resumed making the noises it has before, at different timings. So my question is, is that still the sperm in my stomach? And since I haven't really gotten any side effects is that bad aswell? My period is usually at the end of the month, so around the starting dates of 27, 28 and 29.