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Is it safe to take neurotin while pregnant?

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suzanne66 18 Mar 2012

Neurontin should only be taken during pregnancy if the benefit to the mother outweighs the risk to the baby.
Neurontin has been assigned to the FDA pregnancy category C - this means that animal studies have shown evidence of toxicity but there are no studies in humans.
Talk with your doctor about your specific risks and benefits.

MandyDele 19 Mar 2012

Hi! I totally agree with Suzanne about being on the Neurontin while pregnant. I have been taking for going on 13 years the max dose for seizures and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, but I've never or have even been pregnant... I will add this... Because of all of My various health problems I go to one doctor who knows My body from the inside and out, and he also happens to be the coroner of the town to make a lil ha-ha there, LOL! But anyways, I still sometimes, rarely, but sometimes get second opinion if it's serious! I was just going to say that I'd not only get Your regular OB/GYN's opinion, but also a second one from another OB/GYN, and possibly opinions from Neurologists, Anesthesiologists (sp), or even maybe a Pain Management. I just say that because Neurontin is used to treat a variety of disorders, is why I threw those suggestions out there. And Your regular MD, baby MD, or whoever shouldn't be offended if You get a second, third or 100th opinion because this is You and Your Baby's life it concerns, nothing is more important than their feelings, ya know??? No matter how smart or kind they may be! And even if Your not married, just blame it on Your spouse and say they are pushing for a few extra opinions! That's what significant others are around for right? To blame things on??? LOL! All joking around aside, and in all seriousness though, I meant everything I said. I was just try making everyone smile every now and then! And I don't believe that You can NEVER, EVER research something too much, or ask too many questions. I always try to make a short list before going in to see My MD. If Your already pregnant, Congrats! And Good Luck til Birth! If You ever need someone to talk to again about experiences with Neurontin or another Rx We possibly both may be taking, feel free to contact Me! And again... Congrats and Good Luck! Mandy ;) free discount card

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