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Is it safe to take Mucinex DM if a 94 year old woman with high blood pressure and Afib?

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Halfadoctor 4 Oct 2018

It would depend on what other medications you/she is on.
If warfarin is being given for the a fib (or any other reason) please check with your doctor or the nurse who checks your inr as warfarin interacts with almost every other drug.
Otherwise it is unlikely to cause any problems, although it may not be very effective unfortunately as there is not much evidence that expectorants actually help with the clearing of mucus.
There are other medications which may be helpful depending on the type of cough or difficulty breathing. Please consult your doctor as they may be able to suggest or prescribe something that may help

JanelS 5 Oct 2018

Thank you very much for your response. The woman is my Mom. She is on Eliquis for her Afib. I'm not sure what she takes for her blood pressure. Any suggestions are very helpful but I always want her to ask her Dr.

Chyk41 5 Oct 2018

You shouldn't take mucinex dm is you have high blood pressure. It is one of the conditions that has a no because it will cause it to rise. The same should be said for afib as it does cause afib as a side effect. A 94 year old woman with these conditions should not be given mucinex dm. free discount card

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