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Is it safe to take the herb Kratom if you are taking nortriptyline???

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DzooBaby 9 Oct 2013

It is not very safe to take Kratom period.

wingnut1958 9 Oct 2013

Well thank you for your opinion on kratom, but it doesn't answer MY question!!!

DzooBaby 9 Oct 2013

yes, it did. Kratom is not safe to take on its own so it is not safe to take with nortriptyline either.

DzooBaby 9 Oct 2013

There are very few, if any studies on Kratom, how it reacts on the body, and if it interacts with other drugs. Kratom is not considered a safe drug/herb. It has been known to cause some very bad side effects and has brought people to the emergency room. It simply just hasnt been studied enough and until then it will be considered an unsafe drug. It has been banned in several countries. Sooner or later, it will likely be banned here as well.

wingnut1958 9 Oct 2013

I appreciate your opinion, but thats all it is - YOUR OPINON-there are just as many that feel it is great. So what is your expertise that allows you to declare this product unsafe??? Ever read all the warnings that come with every precsription med out there???

mrshl5000 30 Dec 2017

A fool's answer who knows nothing obviously off this amazing plant. Same fool probably
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