and what normal side effects can a person expect to experience when off dexamethasone immediately and going forward?
I have been on dexamethasone for about 3 months( diagnosed with 2 metastatic brain tumors left side of brain, 24mgs the first 2 days(4mg 6 times a day),It worked like a miracle,,, then
dosage decreased slowly to the final dose of 1mg the last 3 days but with original symptoms of brain fog, and right leg lack of motor nerve returning. I have SEVERE fatigue but absolutely NO pain, not even a headache. I am following the primary care physician and radiation oncologists instructions. My first day without dexamethasone was yesterday.I have received Gamma Knife radiation therapy, on December 15,2016 for the brain tumors and a malignant lesion necrosed encapsulated mass attached to the outer wall of left kidney was laproscopically removed successfully on December 8, 2016. I do not have any other health issues nor take any kind of drugs/medications. I developed a blood clot post surgery behind right knee cap and another in left calf. I did not respond to Lovenknox injections and am now on Pradaxa 150mg capsules BID. I am aware of the contraindication with dexamethasone and would definitely like to be off both drugs.(I know I will need to have another ultrasound to determine the blood clot status) Please advise. Very nervous. Thank you.