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Is it safe to take Effexor 75 mg and Celexa 20 mg together?

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WildcatVet 9 Apr 2014

Hi, mulder! There is a risk of a condition known as serotonin syndrome, but it's extremely rare and doctors commonly prescribe antidepressants from different classes (Effexor is an SSNI and Celexa is an SSRI) as they affect different neurotransmitters. Just be sure to work closely with your doctor.
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Best wishes, WCV,2296-1524

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mulder228 9 Apr 2014

Hello WCV. Thanks for your response. The doctor told me the same thing but I still worry. Probably why I need the meds! Ever since I can remember I've had anxiety and depression. I really appreciate your response. Thanks! :)

tonyplake 10 Apr 2014

You are on low doses of both Celexa and Effexor. I have had serotonin syndrome, but I was on 60 mg. Cymbalta + 325 mg. Effexor + 100 mg. Trazodone + 75 mg. Elavil. As it turns out my psychiatrist should have never given me the Cymbalta with the large dose of Effexor. My pharmacist actually REFUSED to fill the Cymbalta with the Effexor.
We don't always know what our doctors are doing. They may be running their own clinical trial, working on a publication, but that was a red flag for me for sure. It took me, my talk talk therapist, AND the pharmacist to convince my GP doc that something was really quite wrong with my thinking and behavior. Now I only take Cymbalta (Duloxotine) for chronic pain.
I think if you give these meds a chance, you will find you are less anxious after several months.
All the best, Tony

mulder228 11 Apr 2014

Thanks Tony! That makes me feel better. I do also have high blood pressure & high cholesterol (controlled with meds). I read online that Effexor can increase both. So I called my doc and I'm being switched to Paxil (which I took in the past) and Buspar. I hope this combo works. I have severe anxiety mixed with depression. Guess I'll see how I do after a few weeks. Thanks for you answer!

Bspradlin 13 Nov 2018

I'm trying to adjust to a new medication that my Dr put me on. I have been talking effexor xr for about 8 years now and I have been trying to get my Dr to change it for a while now because I feel that it's no longer working for me. He instead raised the dosage for me for a few months but didn't work for me at all. He told me that he can't just take me completely off my effexor xr while just now giving me the new medication called celexa. He did lower the dosage though to 75mg. It was 150 mg. I also am taking for 8 years now also lamictal for my bipolar disorder. I noticed when I got home and looked at all my meds after getting them all filled that he had raised my lamictal from 100 mg. To 150 mg. I didn't ask him to do so and he didn't even discuss it with me at all. So I'm on all three of these along with few other meds I have to take daily. I am so so sleepy and dizzy headed 24/7 now. He put me on 20 mg.

Nitro061 14 Nov 2018

Ask your pharmacist my friend,
They know a great deal more than a GP when it comes to the medications dose and medical history. free discount card

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