My brother has been on Clozapine for nearly two years and has decided to stop his medication abruptly so naturally I'm worried about him. He has been off the medication for nearly 5 days after being on 50 mg for about 3 weeks.

From what I've read about the drug he should be fine if I he can make it through the next two weeks or so. The drug has caused him weight gain, depression, memory loss, not to mention a dulled zombie-like state as well as countless other problems.

He needs to return to graduate school so he decided to take matters into his own hands and discontinue the drug. He hasn't noticed any major problems but he is concerned with the following: minor headaches, unnatural urge to bite down his fingernails, and difficulty getting to sleep due to his head spinning and becoming overwhelmed by thought. He is also experiencing unnaturally vivid dreams.

During the day he doesn't have that problem because he stays busy reading books, with exercise, and other various activities. He has also stopped watching television and drastically cut down his use of the computer.

I have been watching him the past couple of days and I am worried. He has been admitted to the hospital before. I am afraid he may go into psychosis again, though he argues that he is fine. How will I be able to distinguish this and will anyone else be able to tell?

I want to prevent this from happening and find a solution for him so he can resume living a healthy, normal life.