My PMD said that there's no longer a patch lower than 12.5mcg. This is my 2nd time coming off of these patches- the 1st time the lowest dose available was 7mcg, now 12.5 is it??? My last 12.5 fell off while taking a shower & disappeared. It's been 48 hours & I feel like I've been hit by a car. I have arthritis & severe stenosis in my spine, fibromyalgia & nearly all of the ailments that go with that- i.e. IBS, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel, fibrosis, etc... I've had 4 surgeries on my neck alone- & am fused at C4, 5 & 6, C7 to T1. I've been on this patch for a combined total of nearly 10yrs. The highest dosage I was on- 75msg, the longest dosage I was on- 50msg. I began having withdrawal symptoms between patch changes, so my PMD changed the wear time to 48hrs per patch instead of 72hrs. That worked for a few months (4-5) & the extreme hot flashes/cold sweats returned accompanied by nausea & bouts of diarrhea. While cleaning up a few days ago- I found an unopened box of 25mcg patches & wondered if it was possible to cut them into thirds & eventually fourths to further ween me off in a more gentle manner. I was given 10/325 Percocet 3x's daily as needed- but I've found I'm needed more that 3 per day to manage my pain level. I was also given another drug to help with withdrawal- it's classified as a medication for hypertension. It helps with the severe hot flashes. Any advice would be much appreciated!!