My dermotologist prescribed Carac for precancers on the backs of my hands, to be used for 2 weeks, 2 times daily, using a thin coating of Vaseline after the Carac has dried for 10-20 minutes to reduce irritation. I'm a freckled, red-headed woman and do lots of laundry for the elderly, so I use white cotton gloves with rubber gloves over them when handling their wash. Is all this okay? I've been doing the 2 times daily for 5-6 days, then once daily for 5 days as the cream was running low until insurance would refill again. I may have applied too heavily during the 2 times/day, as I was told to cover the entire backside of the hand and on top of and between the fingers (I only went to the middle knuckle and used a Q-tip to apply).