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Can it be safe to take a anxiety medicine, when your driving on a long trip?

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LaurieShay 31 Dec 2012

Depends on what it is and the quantity taken. Most anti anxiety medications can make you sleepy so a possible risk when driving on a long trip.

Inactive 31 Dec 2012

Hello Mr_Jim, & welcome to the site. I agree with Laurie's answer also. Depending on what type it is, how long you have been on it, etc,,, maybe if possible you should fly & rent a car when you get to your destination. You could skip your med whie drving, but if the traffic & all the road rage doesn't get to you, then you should be ok. I would not reccomend you take a long trip on these type of meds. You would not only be putting your life in danger if you fall asleep at the wheel, but others on the road as well... Mary

endlessPred 31 Dec 2012

It is no different than driving drunk. Nope. Be safe and enjoy the new year.

Mr_Jim 1 Jan 2013

Thank you for all your responses, yeah the drive is only 3 hours one way..but the traffic on some of the Florida interstates are so terrible, sometimes with the traffic in such close quarters, it feels like I'm in a Nascar race.
I find myself gripping the steering wheel so tight, I get cramps in my hands, then I'm trying to concerate so hard... I start getting a panic attack, but I can feel myself starting to have a panic attack, then my head, starts hurting, feels like my heart is about to beat out of my chest.
So, I was just asking if it would be alright & safe. I only take 1 mg of Lorazepam , and I think it would make me calm me down.

Inactive 1 Jan 2013

It really depends how often you take the medication, and if it makes you sleepy. If you take it daily, then there should be no problem. If it makes you sleepy, then there is a problem. Obviously, you have taken the trip before, or you wouldn't know what the roads are like. what did you do then? free discount card

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