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Is it safe to take amitriptyline 2 or 3 nights per week to sleep?

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lady2882 7 Jul 2013

What dose are you talking about?
I take amitriptyline every night and it helps me fall asleep and it used to help keep me asleep too but I wake up during the night now.
Occasional use would really depend on the dose.

MuseMyself 7 Jul 2013

I thought that was a drug safe to take every night??? I'm a little confused about why there would be and issue is there a dosage issue? Or are you getting weaned off?

I'm not a doctor but in the field and know lots of medications... I need a little more info. But, you can always call your pharmacy or the pharmaceutical company to get answers as well...



lady2882 7 Jul 2013

It is safe to take every night but if using it only a couple of times a week you would always be experiencing the start up side effects and if the dose is too high you run the risk of falls from the dizziness as well as having the heart pounding being hard on your heart.

Delila 7 Jul 2013

Hi, this is a medication that can be used daily on a long term basis. It won't work as well if taken ad lib. I've been taking it for 4 or 5 years now. It was first prescribed to help the pain and insomnia i experienced due to a back injury. I now continue to take it to help with sleep. It is a very 'safe' medication to be used for sleep, compared to a lot of others.

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MuseMyself 7 Jul 2013

Well said...

Inactive 9 Jul 2013

I use it for sleep, but on an every day basis. Works well. I'm not sure how it would work taking it here and there. It took me awhile to adjust to the sleepiness. Also works somewhat as a pain reliever, especially for bladder pain. And my mother called it her "Happy Pill". It worked great as an antidepressant for her. Regards - EJ23 free discount card

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