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Is it safe to add FD&C Red 1 part and water 20 parts for tongue spray?

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chuck1957 14 May 2014

Don't know what your doing but the only reason it would not is if you had a allergy to the Red dye..but why you want to add it is for color only why not just skip the color all together..just use the spray... is this for dry mouth??? They make cheap saliva subsubstitue 4 ounce bottle for cheap or one that works better for me is Biotene rinse.cost a bit more but last longer and i also use the biotene toothpaste after radations i can't keep enough saliva in my mouth..but anyway your okay to do it for whatever reason your doing it.. for Chuck1957... medically retired pharmacy tech.Cpht Oregon.

Gymnasium9 14 May 2014

Thanks, Chuck1957. Not for dry mouth. Just for color. With Red 40 in about everything red, I was wondering if it was safe. I wasn't sure how to ask the question. As I understand it, unless a person is allergic to it, as you state, it should be okay. Thanks again.

chuck1957 14 May 2014

Okay yes it was confusing sorry but your right with that raito should be no problems make sure you keep the correct number of red,,, many you can't have during test.hope i did not confuse you Chuck1957 free discount card

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