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Is it safe for my 16 month old baby accidentally took my boyfriends hydrocodone pill?

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Stephen Treloar 21 Oct 2017

No, it's not safe. I would think the baby at high risk of overdose. You should have gone to the ER.

ChelleKay 21 Oct 2017

I agree with Stephen, a baby of 16 months could OD on hydrocodone. How long has been since this happened? If you have trouble waking the baby, please go to ER. How did baby "accidenitally" take this med? It shouldn't even be within reach.

Lbautista1500 21 Oct 2017

This Was 8pm Last Night If You She Might Have Taken It but Wasn’t Completely Sure If She Did Or Not By The Time I Check Her Mouth Chewing Making A Weird Face She Swallowed It

Lbautista1500 21 Oct 2017

And She Woke Up Fine and Rn Shes Doing Herself Too

ChelleKay 21 Oct 2017

I dont understand the last part of your last comment.

Lbautista1500 21 Oct 2017

This Morning She Woke Up Fine and Was Being Herself free discount card

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