i have been to a spine center and they have me a follow up with a neurologist. I have been told by three of them that they don't deal with my type of injury... this is what is written on report... minimal 1-2 mm anterior cortical displacement of distal fragment. fracture line extends to the s3 sacral foramen bilaterally and appears to involve the rightposterior s3 element.posterior element fracture also involves the upper and right s4 region. the right sided s3 foraminal narrowing appears to be secondary to a slightly anteriorly displaced12mm posterior fracture which is anteriorly displaced towards the foramen. correlate fo right sided radicular symptoms... there is a chronic appearing right L5 spondylolysis without spondylolisthesis... mild presacral soft tissue edema... mild welding of t11 and t12 likely physiologic... vertical oblique s3 vertebral body fracture with the fracture line extending to the right s3 foramen. also involves the right sided s3 posterior elements with a 13mm osseous fragment anteriorly displaced with secondary narrowing of the right s3 foramen. correlate for right radicular systems. chronic L5 spondylolysis on left presacral soft tissue edema... s3 vertebrae is likely pushing on nerves... I am trying to find outwho I need to see about this I have a problem using the restroom and numbness in my feet... and pain in lower back sometimes excruciating..please help and thanks