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If I took saboxone 8 mg about 6 hours ago will it block my fentanyl patch?

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Inactive 17 Feb 2012

It Probably will for at least a little while. I am not fussing at you, but suboxone shoul only be used by those wishing to come off opiates and those who will regulqrly use it for pain. It is NOT a drug that people should use when they are out of their rx pain meds because a) it will block other opiates,b) it can make your tolerance to opiates go up, and c) if your dr finds it on your drug tewt, you could get dropped by the dr. It can test positive for burpenohine for days to weeks after the last dose. Most pain managment drs do test for it. Please read entry for it, you will see why i issued this caution. Patti

Jesstipton21 30 May 2013

I agree, you have to be careful u can Od by mixing those meds, it happened to a friend.. Take his advice above... Good luck patti free discount card

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