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I was rxed .25 mg xanax 2x's day I'm am and pm. Anxiety returns around noon - 1pm. What do I do?

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chuck1957 20 Oct 2015

The best thing you can do is call your doctor and let him or her know and see if they well change the directions you do not want to take more than prescribed or you well run out early and the doctor well not be very happy about it. You get an okay from the doctor then at least they well know why your out early.And you won't have any problems give them a call try and have a nice day

Rotav 29 Mar 2017

I just started on xanax today @.25mg 2 times a day. Started last night and took one this morning and had to call my doc to add a half of a .25 for afternoon.

chuck1957 29 Mar 2017

Good, And you really don't have to worry about it being that is a low strength and if it is helping that is all that matters, for now, to help you get over the ridge. Very glad you did that. And the main thing is to make sure you stick to what the doctor says. I am sure this well give you some relief.

Rotav 30 Mar 2017

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