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What RX would cause other meds to leave the body quicker?

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WildcatVet 31 Jan 2013

Hi, Cheryl! Can you give us a few more details about what you're asking? It all depends on what meds you're referring to, so please post again.
Talk to you soon. WC

MacIntosh12 31 Jan 2013

I must agree with WildCatVet, we need a little more info, such as what meds you are referring to and how long you've been taking them and why you want them out of your system, would it be because of a drug test?

kaismama 31 Jan 2013

Drugs are only metabolized at certain speeds, specific for each med. The measurement is called a half life. Every med has one. Nothing can change that half life except if your liver and kidneys aren't working right it can extend it. You can't speed it up. free discount card

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