55 yo female. 5’4” 135# vicodin usage prob over 6 yrs.
History: LBP/DDD lumbar-moderate level
Mild cervical DDD. Anxiety disorder which has worsened over past 2 yrs.
Tremors, stuttering, rocking, swaying, leg/feet movements, hands-tap/ slap/slam fists/wring fingers- basically I constantly move and it worsens with stimulation like being brought attn to. Tics compared to turrets. Arms/head general body flayling compared to huntington’s chorea.
3 yrs ago- gastric bypass. 2 yrs ago- colonoscopy gone bad and ruptured spleen. 1 yr ago- rt shldr sx. no prob coming back to previous pain med levels after each sx.
I take abt 10-14 tabs daily of 5/325 norco daily. My primary had me take a urine test yest. Fine, my actual rx is for 2 tabs of this dose every 4 hrs. maybe she will yell. I don’t know. She says she wanted it to see if I was taking anything else. Well, I took 1 diazapam the nite before but nothing else except another diazepam abt a wk ago.
I have been told I need to quit vicodin because I am addicted. Well, I run out tomorrow.
I am scared of course. I have no medical support. I am the one who let myself get off sched the past couple months so is my own fault. Lost my job, short term disblty denied in August so not a penny in over 12 wks, my dog died, and on and on…. I turned to the vicodin and got off sched. Now, I have to go thru this. Per my pharmacist- by the third day the usual confusion, vomiting, etc. and nothing will help. Not trazadone, tramadol, diazepam, or any of the things I have filled and never taken…. And vomiting after gastric bypass is less than thrilling…. And lets not forget the pain which is the reason for the vicodin in the first place. That is still gonna be there….
But how long will it last? My anxiety/movement disorder is going to go beyond out of control, well I am afraid it will. My mom will support me but I would rather stay home, hold up in my room… I have no idea what this is gonna be like. I am scared…BUT tomorrow is the last day cuz I will run out tomorrow afternoon…
Well, any advice and support is gladly accepted….