I am taking way too much adderall per day, no question... I am aware of the negative side effects amphetamines take on the body, along with death being one of them. However I need help regarding the fact I take qty. 3-4 of the 30 mg IR upon waking each morning, another 1-2 appx. 3 hours later, and additional mg's (anywhere between 2-4 pills) until 5-ish in the afternoon. At the very least, this is well over 200 mg's per day.
Clearly, I run out too soon, causing a horrible, horrible panic mode, and basically I am not able to move, think, put a thought together, etc until I get my next RX filled... (a complete shut-down, if you will) I am not the same person when I am off of my meds and I am educated on how this drug works, therefore I understand that I am basically "wasting" several of my pills due to the fact my brain/ body only absorb & react to a certain amount... anyone else in this boat? It's going to sink, and I am so disappointed with myself for finally finding a drug that works well for me, yet I am taking advantage and simply need help going back to just taking the 3 pills I am prescribed per day!!! *** I am a 33 year old 5'3 female, also taking 80 mg Prozac each day, physically in great shape, mentally... questionable.