Well here's my story. When I was a freshman in high school, I started dating a guy who was a senior, and it was kind of that "mysterious bad boy" attraction that drew me to him. In the beginning, I was unaware of his serious drug issues ranging from smoking weed to shooting heroin. He was also selling drugs at that time. The relationship was short lived due to all the problems caused by his addictions. A few years after we dated, he was arrested for growing psychedelic mushrooms and numerous other drug charges, as his house was searched by police. He was then put into rehabilitation and we lost contact for several years. In June, I happened to come across his phone number and decided to text him as it had been a long time since I'd heard anything from him. He informed me of how well he had been doing and that he had been clean for almost eight months. We decided to meet up and things seemed to be going really well. Our rekindled relationship was really fabulous for months, until he had a prescription filled for Tramadol. The day he got it, he was really messed up and could hardly talk to me. To make matters worse, we had made plans to have dinner with my family at my parent's house that night. It definitely caused a huge blow out, but after doing some research I decided to stick it out and help him overcome the lasting effects of his addictions. Things went back to normal for a while and he was clean again. He recently moved to the city where I live so that we could be closer and we were both ecstatic. Within the last month, he's been struggling to get a job,due to several drug charges on his criminal record and has been really down about it. Last week, he said he was running out of sleeping pills and needed to go see the doctor to have him authorize more refills. I was fine with that, but he failed to mention that he also had the doctor fill a 'script for Klonopin (as he has a history of seizures). However, he has not been on this medication the whole time we've been together, and many of the seizures occurred while he was trying to come off of heroin. He's been completely disoriented for two days now, and stayed up until six o'clock this morning, only to sleep well into the evening. I wrote him a letter, describing how I felt, as I can't even converse with him in this state. He has apologized several times, but is still showing effects from the Klonopin. It's just becoming harder and harder for me to be supportive and stick around to help him, and I'm not sure where to go from here. I've tried almost every angle and I realize he's getting depressed but what more can I do to help him?