Hi. I've always been genuinely clumsy. Stubbing my toe on coffee tables and shutting my fingers in doors. More recently it has gotten worse. I have bent down to grab something and bashed my head on a wall. I thought I stood far enough away but when I bent down I didn't even make it halfway before banging my head. It happened again two days ago when I went to bend down to feed my dogs and walked straight into a cabinet, hitting my head again. I was walking out of Walmart and ran directly into a blue pole outside the store. I should of seen it and I can't remember if I had. All I remember is smacking into the pole roughly. I've also run into walls thinking I was far enough away to turn. I've smacked my head on the freezer even though I knew it was open and reminded myself seconds before. I've been having trouble speaking. I often slur my words or stumble over them. I know what I'm trying to say but the words come out jumbled and in da different order than what I thought in my head. Just yesterday I grabbed cheese out of he fridge and used scissors to cut them open, I walked over to the fridge and put the cheese away and then proceeded to grab the scissors and put them inside the freezer ( NOT the fridge which would make sense since that's where I got the cheese from). I didn't notice that I put the scissors into the freezer until my mother couldn't find them. I searched all over the kitchen for them because I thought that maybe I'd put them in a drawer but my sister jokingly opened the freezer saying "maybe you put them in the freezer" because how silly would that be. We were all shocked to see that the scissors were indeed lying in the freezer. I'm not sure what's going on.