This is my first time experiencing any sexual act with someone and im not gonna do it again.

Had a light period on april 3-7. My bf and i met on april 12. We had mutual masturbation together. Then he rubbed his penis on my clit. It almost went in, but i stopped him. I was paranoid since, i wasnt sure if he had pre-cum so, i decided to take nordette as ecp. On april 14. On april 25, i had light bleeding then it became heavy until may 7. I took a pt on may 5, afternoon, it said it was negative. On may 17-18 i had light spotting. So i took pt again on may 20, morning. First pee. It said negative( not pregnant) on may 25 i had painful urination lasted for a day. On may 26, had abdominal pain until now. Im not sure if these are symptoms of pregnancy or because of dehydration and stress. Im also experiencing hyper-acidity due to inappropriate eating time.

So, my questions
1. is there a chance for pregnancy? Can i rule it out
2. When will i expect my next period?
3. Are these signs of pregnancy or something else?
Pls i need replies. Im really scared. I dont wanna do this again i learned my lesson. Pls help.