In 2003 after rotator cuff sugery I was diagnosed with RSD. In June of last year had a spinal fusion T10 thru S1, rodding 46 screws and 4 anchors into my pelvis and hips.. still in tremendous pain 24/7. Also had broken my shoulder before surgery - leg gave out. I had surgery in Jan. screws and a plate. Anyway, neither is healing.. in fact getting worse. Now hands and ankle on left leg - which has extensive nerve damage - swell up and hurt like hell. I truly believe my RSD has returned..but can't seem to get my dr. to commit.
Anyway, I take 3200 mg of gabapentin, 30mg oxycontin er, baclofen 40mg
cymbalta 120 mg, ambien 10 mg, klonipin 3 mg.. but nothing seems to work? ANY help would be appreciated.. thanks so much