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Roxicodone - Can roxy help with headache?

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hillbillygirl45 25 Mar 2012

For me, sometimes any kind of 'codone' will make a migraine worse. I take Fioricet for migraine, but, it doesn't work that well. I hope you feel better soon, and I hope this helps... good luck...

Inactive 25 Mar 2012

I would say it depends on what is causing the headache to begin with. Usually if sinus or migraine using excedrin will help some. A lot of the opiads are famous for giving headaches not helping them, but I have heard of others using them for their headaches if there has been an injury of somesort to the neck area causing it in the first place. Sometimes drinking coffee even helps with headaches,. It's the caffeine that helps the most. I do believe if this is an ongoing problem, you should talk to your doctor about it before just trying to treat it, but if it's an occasional thing, I don't think you need Roxy to treat it. You don't give enough information to give you a really good answer so hit the comment buttom & tell us more about your headaches... Mary

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Inactive 25 Mar 2012

It has been my experience that oxycodone makes my headaches worse. Actually aspirin works the best for me when I get a headache. In your case I would suggest not hitting a tack with a sledgehammer and take some aspirin, tylenol, advil and aleve first. Save the big guns for big time pain... that is unless this is the worst headache you can ever remember having in your life. If that is the case, go to the ER immediately and let the doc there know what is happening. Worst headache ever is a sign of an cerebral condition that needs immediate attention. Do not think I am trying to scare you, but knowledge is power my friend.
Good luck with your headaches.
The Happy Smiling Hippie CVhickie,

Inactive 27 Mar 2012

If you have a 'tension' type headache, possibly the roxicodone MIGHT help. But if it is a tension headache why use such a powerful drug when aspirin, ibuprofen or Aleve can help. If you have MIGRAINES, they are a horse with a different color. Putting ice around your neck is a miracle, and there are prescription medications out there that can 1) avoid you getting these headaches, and 2) alleviate the migraine. They are called triptans,and you may have heard of Imitrex, being the most popular one. You can also try a specific migraine headache OTC, such as Excedrine for Migraines. They have caffeine, aspirin, and I'm not sure what else, but that seems to help migraines. Good luck!!

Npainnd2bnorm93/98 31 Mar 2012

Thanks for advice I've had migraines for 3.5 yrs butt ha n general 14 yrs migraines started after car accident otc don't do much anymore including the ones thats 650 mg ea vs/500 mg dr had me on morphine it worked for awhile then not as much I have carpal tunnel 2& am needing something that will nock out both

Inactive 31 Mar 2012

Post traumatic migraines are a horse of a completely different color!! I know, because that was my first symptom when I got hit by the car. The best thing that helps me besides the ice (really try an ice pack at your neck you would be surprised at how well it works), is the triptans. Go see a neurologist, and let them know that you have post traumatic headaches, and the normal pills DON'T WORK. Some neurologists understand this, others don't depend's on how hard they studied, I guess. Triptans do work and there are several out on the market, so ask for different samples before you decide. My doctor has given me the ok to take my migraine meds up to 18X/month. You are only supposed to take them once or twice a week max, but my doc understands post traumatic migraines.

If you live near Lubbock (sp?) Texas, I can recommend the ONLY doctor in the US who studies post traumatic migraines.

I hope that this helped you!

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balbanese 3 Apr 2012

Probably, but very few Doctor's will write a C2 for headaches. Oxycodone (which is what Roxicodone is) is described as needed for severe pain. Once you get to describing headaches as severe there is an entire category of meds out there, none of which are opiates. So my answer is yes, but good luck trying to get a Dr. to write a script for this reason.

Inactive 4 Apr 2012

If my headache is absolutely a 10, I can go to the hospital and get a shot of demerol. THat is the ONLY thing that stops it dead in it's tracks. So there is one use for a narcotic on a major migraine.

balbanese 5 Apr 2012

Yes, maybe in an ER, and possibly there's a Dr. out there that will write it, all I'm saying is it would be rare. free discount card

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