I had gastric bypass 4 months ago. I'm in chronic pain and have been on strong medications for 12 years! Since the surgery i can't take any kind of slow time release medications because i no longer have as much intestines and i don't digest everything as thoroughly as before. My oxycodone lasts maybe an hour. I'm sleeping maybe once every three to four days and when i do sleep i wake myself up yelling from pain. I'm frustrated, anxious and fatigued and of course in severe pain. They will not operate on my back until I've lost the appropriate amount of weight because of complications with putting a rod in my spine and being obese. I've lost 80 pounds so far but have quite a bit to lose still. How can i get my Dr to understand I'm in such bad pain? If i were suicidal i wouldn't be here anymore. But there's no way i would do that ever.