... between sex partners. I've had four sex partners and I have only been having sex for two years. I've had unprotected sex when I was in a monogamous relationship with my first love after I lost my Virginity. But that was over a year in a half ago when I had first lost my virginity. Present day I had my tests result for herpes came back hsv type 2 1.52. Now I do have hsv type 1 which is 5.0. I have not had absolutely no symptoms for hsv type 2 I wax so I'm certain I would see something off. From my previous experience in the past with another std test the Elisa has been very unaccounted for. My doctor had me get a western blot when it came to testing for my HIV test to get a accurate answer because the Elisa kept coming back indeterminate right after I lost my virginity. Besides that I have had my sex partners wear a condom for the past year in a half I've been having sex so I have not indulged in any at risk behavior. What I want to know is should I get the western blot test just to confirm my hsv type 2 test? please understand my frustration with the Elisa results from previous experience in the past I can't really consider it reliable