I was finally getting around to doing some tidying in my room, my brother moved out and I moved into his room so its been a perfect opportunity. I shared up till now with my sister and mom had been given these two bedside tables. Me and my sister had one, mainly used by my sister till a few years ago and the other used by my brothers. My half brother used it most even when he moved out my other brother hardly used it. While emptying the drawer I found a small white round pill with PZ stamped on it, the other side is blank. Pramipexole dihydrochloride an anti Parkinson's medication is the closest thing I've found to it though I'm not entirely sure as my half brother was heavily into drugs at the time when he was using the table. I am unsure as to how it even came into ppossession of any one with access to the drawer as no one with access has Parkinson's or anything like. I have no intention of using it, I am simply curious as to what it could be and why it may have come to be hidden in the drawer.Any ideas as to what it might be wwould be most appreciated. Its round, white with PZ stamped on one side. The other side appears to be blank although it seems to be old.