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What pill is this? It is round, white and has a C over a 25 split by a break hash?

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chuck1957 21 Dec 2014

Hi Brian can you look there are alot that come close to a match but have you ever taken CIPRO 250 is this a old drug because many times some of the marking get blurred or is it in a bottle... this is all and the clossest but if it is this you should not take it this is a antibiotic and the markings are C with 250 under it and on the other side it has a > mark if there are just a few they well do nobody anygood at this point... better to toss then mess with them double check what i put down and make sure nothing is blurred..Also if you want to look for yourself where you typed your question there is a gray bar that starts with a picture of a house then a couple over there is drug id hit that and scroll down just say click i agree and it walks you right through the drug id these letters and number get messed up when rolling in a bottle there were a lot of them but this was the close one don't take any chances And if you see anything different on the pill make a comment and i well see it and try and help it other wise toss the pill not worth taken any chances..Chuck1957 free discount card

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